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Lena Blain - Photographer


Hello there…..I’m Lena Blain ( Lady Blain to my Friends), Yes I own and operate both Simplicity Photographic studio at Kryal Castle as well as Simplicity Photography & Design. I have been in the photography industry for over 10 years and have travelled all over Australia where ever my skills are required. As of 2018, I have fallen in love with Ballarat and its surrounding areas (like the whole of Victoria) plus this amazing Castle called Kryal …OMG ….ITS   A   CASTLE!!!! I love Travelling, camping and Photoshop ( because you can never look too good or have that amazing coloured sunset without it) not going to lie the
dragon my pic is not real…. Neither are my cheekbones in this pic ( this sort of writing makes me feel like I’m in a speed dating show lol)  I enjoy food ( a little too much) and I love to laugh but most importantly I love my cameras…. And I love a challenge. So I dare you…Challenge me to make your special day truly amazing  (insert me throwing glitter and sparkly stuff in your general direction) … me!

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